The Cowichan Brain Injury Society will be running programs through the duration of the current pandemic, we have moved some of our programs to a virtual platform, and we are able, thanks to our new location, to have a few in person programs still running! We are striving to move quickly to return ALL our programming, and we have missed our peers greatly through this difficult time. CBIS has begun reconstruction of a number of new and Exciting Programs to be rolled out in the coming months, please feel free to call us, join us or fill out an intake form here and you will be contacted by our staff to help set you up with the best programming for your situation.

Let’s Connect : Is what it sounds like, connect with peers in one of our small workshops, or one of our large online virtual gatherings via Zoom!

Lets Blog : Got something to say? CBIS is offering up the know how and access to get you blogging! either on our site here, or get help setting up your own, its a short easy process and

Lets Carve : Under the supervision of a Master carver, come learn the ins and outs of hand carving.
(This courses requires the good use of manipulative motor skills, and hand held tools, differently abled peers should contact CBIS to ensure that safe and appropriate accommodations and accordance is available!)

Let’s Paddle : Is in Development still, but includes a Professional Kayak Trainer over 3 sessions to get you ready to head out onto the open water and take a short day trip in a Kayak.

Let’s Get Adventurous : Is in Development still, but includes, planning preparation and safety training, before taking a short hiking trip to see the beauty the world around us has to offer.

Let’s Talk : Is just completing is pilot session for the end of august, and is directed at working with Aphasia and cognitive decline, no spoilers but the outcomes in the pilot project have been Jaw Dropping! Look for this program to be available in September in one of our Covid-19 compliant Workshops.

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