Let’s Carve

Rupert Scow carving June 2020

CBIS’s “Let’s Carve” program is peer-led by Master Carver Rupert Scow. Rupert Scow was born in 1957 in Alert Bay. The Scow family, known as “The people of the Bear” is Kwicksuitaineuk from the village of Gwayasdums on Gilford Island, and is part of the Bear and Gwayasdym’s crest of the Sisiutl, or double headed sea serpent, are family crests. Rupert comes from a long line of carvers and respected elders, including his great grandfather Mungo Martin and great grandfather Chief Johnny Scow.  This wealth of culture instilled a strong sense of heritage in Rupert and his five brothers, all of whom are exceptional carvers.

Under the guidance of Wayne Alfred, Vince Shaughnessy, and Stephen Bruce, Rupert began carving cedar in 1991, creating masks, rattles, bowls, poles and transformation masks. Having learned the art of woodcarving, Rupert completed the Native Education Center’s jewelry course in 2008, and now volunteers his time teaching First Nations carving at CBIS. The goal is to decrease anxiety, depression, stress and improve fine motor skills while building friendships and increasing toleration for social interaction. Respect for cultural diversity is an aspect of Canadian society that is of great appeal to people from other countries who want to move here. In BC alone there is an amazing diversity of First Nation culture and language. There are over 200 First Nation communities in the province – each with its own unique culture, traditions and history. Cultural practices, symbols, and belief systems are influenced by each Nation’s unique experience on the land and with each other, and are always connected with the Spirit world. Our peer support program, Let’s Connect, has evolved in its own diverse culture as a result of the shared lived experience of a brain injury in an environment where everyone grieves their loss before starting their JOURNEY OF HOPE.

Space is limited and some restrictions apply. To register contact: 250-597-4662


Here you will find some of Rupert’s carvings, some for sale where applicable. If you see something you like that is not for sale, you can scroll down and request a commission using the form.


This form is to sign up for individual or family carving sessions, or to request a commission for a carving you would like done. Please include all applicable details.

Rupert is available weekdays from 10am to 3pm.

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