There are lots of ways you can Donate to Cowichan Brain Injury Society!

you can Donate your Time!
Volunteering to pitch in and support our programs can be a fulfilling and rewarding activity, you can volunteer for just an hour or two, or you can dedicate some time into really getting to know us and our clients by volunteering regularly, Life has a way of rewarding those who give freely of themselves, and we would love to have you, and share in that rewarding experience with you. click the link and fill out the application information to start volunteering right away!

You can Donate Memberships to others!
Many of our clients are not members of the Society as a NFP organization, but want to be, you could make a membership donation, as many as you like and they will be gifted to new and returning members who may need some extra support to afford the cost and encourage their attendance at regular meetings.

You can Donate program Attendance for others!
Some of the programs at CBIS are free to members, others are greatly cost reduced to members, but even so, still some members struggle to commit at the level they would like, and sometimes even a reduced cost can be too much of a barrier, You can donate any amount of money you like and it will go to support those members reaching the level of activity that works best for them, regardless of financial situation.

Or you can just Donate to Support the work we do here!
Also an option! just share the love, support the work we do here by giving generously, ensuring we are able to continue providing free and low cost support and programs for the estimated 3,700 people in the cowichan district suffering with an Acquired Brain Injury. Support our current client list of over 100 families with Acquired Brain Injury Survivors, and our 65 strong voting and active membership, and encourage those who are not members yet, to get active and get results!

Donations 20$ and under (no federal tax receipt)
Donations in any category under 20$ don’t qualify for a receipt on their own, so we will thank you for your kindness and want you to know you have made our day, if you give more than once in a tax year, just let us know the details of those gifts (keep receipts or confirmation emails) and we will get you a receipt for the donations.

Donations over 20$ (federal tax receipt will be mailed to you)
You are a kind and generous person and we will sing your praises as you have given the gift of life, community and growth to people who desperately need the support. People suffering with Degenerative Brain function, People working with Physical Limitations and People who are having to completely re-learn everything from talking to reading, are being supported every day because of people like you. So thank you , Truly for making a contribution.

These donations will be mailed receipts if an address is given or on file, or will be held at CBIS in Duncan until we can get it to you. If you are waiting for a receipt from a donation or gift, please call the number below or email and supply your name, date of gift, amount of gift and a place to send a receipt. (can be sent by email if preferred)

Contact us at or 250-597-4662 to make a donation now!

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