November 21, 2020

Written By Miss CBIS

We have a harder time establishing what thoughts are real and what thoughts are false, because our brains are at a slight dis advantage and are thought process is all over the place, at least mine is. We have a difficult time expressing and responding to things that bother us and we often act in a way that is deemed ‘crazy’ or ‘weird’. Overreacting for a brain injured person is something of the norm.

Writing your feelings down helps, write it down and read it out loud to yourself or to somebody you trust. Sometimes reading it out loud is all you need, hearing your thoughts, instead of keeping them in your head can bring a lot of clarity.

1 thought on “November 21, 2020

  1. I agree that our brains don’t always process information properly. when I am under a lot of stress my brain does not function well. i need to relax and do just one thing at a time. i will try writing thoughts down and reading them out loud.


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