Let’s Blog

By Miss CBIS

We all have choices.

I am one of the lucky ones, I have never known a life without a brain injury, so for me this is just how I am. My struggles have always been part of my life and there have always been things I just can’t do. That is not to say I don’t struggle with my reality sometimes, that I don’t have days that I curse the hand that I got dealt and that I don’t find my life utterly devastating. I get so frustrated and down on myself, I feel so isolated and alone, but everyone has those days.

All of us, brain injured or not, have choices. Simple choices, like what you want for breakfast, what outfit you want to put on, and how you want to perceive the day. The way we choose to perceive things has a huge impact on our attitude toward ourselves and others and yes its a simple choice that makes the world of a difference. Although this is a simple choice it does not take away the difficulty of making that choice, and it doesn’t mean it won’t change several times in the course of that day.

Having a positive outlook on things is contagious, like laughter. It is a choice and we always have control over our choices.

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