July 10, 2020

By Miss CBIS Written by Marika Thornton

“Failure is the staircase to success”

For me, this quote is the footnote to my entire life, and I think for a lot of people with brain injury’s, it is important to remind ourselves that it isn’t the amount of times we fail, but how often we get back up and try again.

I feel like so many of us are afraid of trying because we are afraid of failure, but if we never try we will never succeed. Life is a gamble, a roll of the dice, and if we are lucky enough the cards are in our favour, but if they aren’t, well you just have to make them work for you.

Believe me, I have days where I hate my life, I hate not being ‘normal’ and having all these deficits, flaws, and inability’s. I also have days where I am full of gratitude, and feelings of pride and accomplishment. I have learned to accept that I can’t do some things, and that sucks, but life still happens.

I wrote a poem in high school and I’d like to share;

My name is Marika and I am sweet
I always walk watching my feet
I love with passion
I care, and I dream
I live life to its fullest
and occasionally scream
When life gives you lemons,
you make lemonade.
It’s not the cards your dealt, but how they are played.

5 thoughts on “July 10, 2020

  1. Great words of wisdom. We could all stand to listen to them, brain injury or not.


  2. This is beautiful just like you


  3. You rock 🎸


  4. cool lemonade…that poem expressed a fresh beat…like walking the grassy hill with bushes under my feet…


  5. yo workshop with rupert this week


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