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By Miss CBIS


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things that I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.

– Reinhold Niebuhr

Acceptance is the key, it sounds silly but it is true.

I am not telling you to get over it because it is a loss, and you are allowed to feel all of what you are feeling. Sit in your emotions, its totally normal, its healthy and its a necessary step in acceptance. But when your ready to, accept that you are now a little bit different than you were.

In the book I am reading called ‘Let That Sh*t Go’ by Nina Purewal and Kate Pitriw, there is a story about acceptance and finding the silver lining no matter how small.

Rob had a stroke at thirty eight, he was in great shape, played hockey regularly, ate pretty healthy, and was one of the happiest funniest guys we know. The stroke was totally unexpected to say the least, Rob ended up in the ICU. Those early days where rough, but thank his lucky stars he made it through. Fast forward a few months later, Rob– still deep in his recovery (upcoming heart surgery, unexpected seizures, and his body still not working like it once did) was taking his four year old daughter to swimming class. It didn’t go so well. She was scared of getting her face wet and cried the whole class. The following week her fear was still firmly in place, and although her instructor called her, she refused to move. Instead of turning around and just heading home, Rob sat her down, and what he thought was going to be a simple pep talk while they watched all the other kids swim, turned out to be one of the most beautiful and intense heart-to-hearts this dad-daughter duo had ever had. ‘Promise me’ he said ‘if something is difficult you will push through and never give up. Daddy is never going to give up and neither should you.’ They made a promise to each other, that together they would never give up. Naomi wasn’t going to give up her head under water, and Rob promised that he would never give up fighting for his life. Of course not having the stroke in the first place but that is not in Robs control, so whats the silver lining here? The conversation he had with his daughter would not have been that meaningful if it weren’t for his stroke.

So soak in it, feel what you need to feel, and when your are ready come to terms with it, try and find a silver lining and be grateful you got a second chance at this. Acceptance is the key.

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