May 29, 2020

By Miss CBIS (Cowichan Brain Injury Society) Marika Thornton

Let’s play a game! It’s called Five Things. It’s very simple but it does wonders for getting you out of negative frames of mind that all of us so easily slide into.

Name five things that your grateful for. I’ll give you an example: I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my family and all their support, I am grateful that I have food when I am hungry, I am grateful for the birds and the beautiful music they make, and I am grateful for the roof over my head.

Make a list of five things you are grateful for and hang it on your bathroom mirror, read it every morning and every night when you brush your teeth.

So often we get hung up on what we don’t have, what we want and how unfair ‘our lives’ can be. But if we change our thought process first thing in the morning, and start our days being thankful for all we have instead of being hard done by in all we don’t have, I think we all would be a little happier, don’t you?

1 thought on “May 29, 2020

  1. Right on Marika!


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